Hello…some of you out there might know me from other sites. If you read the name “swanpride” on the net, it is very likely that it’s me, because I use the same nick everywhere and it is a rare one. To run this down: Which is where you can read most of my fanfictions (what else). I have been written for The Sentinel, White Collar, Harry Potter, Voyagers! and Grimm so far. I am not able to update there as often as I used to, but I am still writing when I find the time.

Fanpop: Where you can find a ton of articles from me, mostly about Disney movies, but I also tackle other themes from time to time, for example I did episode reviews of the complete first season of Grimm. Currently I am writing an article series called “By the Book” which takes a look at book-based Disney movies regarding the question if they are worthy adaptations or not.

Livejournal: Is mostly abandoned, not through fault of my own, but because livejournal makes it nearly impossible to use it. My journal has a nice (sarcasm) little bug which makes it impossible to do line breaks. I am still using it for my “Sherlock Canon reference” project, but it is impossible to make regular posts there.

Which brings me to wordpress. I am not really a fan of spreading out too much because I think it is better if my readers find everything in one place, but the troubles with livejournal caused me to think about an alternative. I have left comments here for quite a time, and there was some prodding from people who know my work at fanpop to start a blog here, too. Originally, I didn’t want to. But then I got the idea for an article series which wouldn’t work at fanpop at all, so I finally relented.

The series in question is called “Honoring the Heroines”. I recently noticed that there is a lot of negativity related to gender issues (and race issues for that matter, but that’s a theme for someone else to tackle). Don’t get me wrong I think that the media still has a lot of trouble writing compelling female characters, I think mostly because they are written with an emphasis on “female” and not with an emphasis on “character”. But I also think that it is time not just to point out where the writers go wrong, but also to celebrate the characters which worked. Or to put it this way: You can tell someone that he is doing everything wrong, but to learn how to do it right, you have to show him how to do it. Plus, currently the bad examples out there get more attention than the good ones, and I think it should be the other way around.

Therefore this blog will be dedicated to pointing out the good stuff, so to speak. For now, I plan to post on three Saturdays of the month – which ones depends a little bit on my schedule. The first post will be about a female animated character. The second one about a TV-Show character. The third one will be about a movie, which features a female main character. I’ll also occasionally point out projects I finished elsewhere.

So, next Saturday I’ll start with my first post. Big hint: It will be about the most heroic little mouse ever.

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