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When I made the rules for female characters from TV shows, I decided that only TV shows which finished their third season are eligible. The advantage is that in the third season, I have a pretty good idea where the show in question is going with its female characters. The disadvantage it, though, that it is unlikely that someone will take a look at a TV-show after missing so many episodes. Therefore, I decided to add this new category to the blog. Whenever I feel that there is a new show which does particularly well with it’s female characters, I will point it out to you, so that you can take a look for yourself.

My first rec is this one:


And, you might have guessed it, this is a show about Vikings. Since it does air on history channel, you can expect more realism than you would get on any other channel (the costumes are really well done and the actors are not dressed up to the nines). And, for the sake of realism, the show can be gory – but, to it’s great credit, it never feels like it exploits brutality (or sex for that matter) needlessly, everything seems to be there for a reason. And if you can life with the first scene, you are pretty much on the safe side.

It is not a totally faithful account – though I doubt that you even can create one. What we know nowadays about the Vikings are mostly their lore and accounts collected by their enemies. The show does allow itself some reinterpretation of the “facts” we know, but it does manage to create a believable picture of how the Vikings most likely saw the world.

It also manages to create a couple of compelling female characters.

They are living in hard land during a time when woman did have a difficult standing – but they are smart, passionate and relatable. Since I don’t want to spoil the show I will leave it with that (though if the show is keeping up the good work, I will surely at one point write another article about the awesomeness of Lagertha)…the second season starts at 27. February. Since the first one had only nine episodes, there is still enough time to catch up.


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