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A regular update for next week is in the works, but until then, I have a really great rec for you. There has been some buzz around “Orphan Black”, so I finally decided to take a peek – and I fully recommend it. This show is “compelling female character” central…most of the main characters are female, and so far all of them are really well written.

I don’t want to spoil it, so this will be a little vague: My main fear going into the series was that it would be one of those shows in which there is a conspiracy behind a conspiracy. And in a way it is. But it also handles it very well.

What I especially love is that it shows many different female character who are more or less in the same boat, but nevertheless react totally different to the similar situation. The show takes care to ensure that we get to see more than one type of woman (the currently to go type is “competent but with a vulnerable site”, and I am really, really tired of it), and so far the actions of every single one made sense. If I had to write an article about the show…I am not sure which one of the characters I would pick.

Two season have aired so far, 20 episodes overall…there is time enough to catch up before the third one airs (presumably next year).

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