Check this out

I hadn’t actually planed to post something today (hey, you already got four posts this month), but then I stumbled over this:

And then I went over to the website of the project:

And what can I say, I am pretty excited. For multiple reasons.

The most obvious one: Traditional Animation in (or as close as possible for a TV show) Disney quality? Count me in!

But it is not just this. I looked through the material already available, and I dig the designs. I think the post I did at the start of this month about Captain Amelia as well as the review of Treasure Planet I linked in it made it pretty obvious that I really like steampunk. I always thought that steampunk and animation are a match made in heaven because the former allows so much creativity and the latter is exactly the right medium to go all out on said creativity.

The main reason I decided to post about it here (aside from fitting perfectly into this month’s theme) is that this a concept which speaks to me on every level. Not just one but two female protagonists? Who are some sort of secret heroines? And apparently the main villain is female too? I want, want, want!!!!!!

Now, there is part of my brain which tells me not to be too excited about it. The actual plot might be questionable. There have been independent animation projects in the past which either delivered less than stellar results or withered away in development hell. On the other hand, this looks well organized, and like something which might speak to a lot of people…animation fans, action fans, steampunk fans, feminists…so I can certainly see it work out.

Oh, let’s be honest here, I really want this to work out!!!! A success would proof once and for all that 2D animation still has an audience, and that the deciding factor of an animated movie is not the kind of animation which is used, but the story. And a success would be like a big fat middle finger towards all those big companies who are current squabbling over the CGI market shares.



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